Legal Secretary Jobs – Legal Secretary Careers Explained

Perhaps you are considering your career options and are wondering, “What does a legal secretary do?” or “what legal secretary jobs are there?” The duties of legal secretaries can vary depending on the specific law firm, corporate legal office or government agency that he or she is working for. There are many different legal secretary jobs – and not all of them are at law offices, as some might imagine. This is an ideal career for someone who wants to work in the legal field without going through the many, many years of law school.

Legal Secretary Job Description

After obtaining secretary degrees or certificates, which can be completed in two years or less in most cases, professionals of all ages can begin seeking work in the legal field. Legal secretaries assist attorneys with a variety of duties related to authorized documents, legal research and organizing law libraries. It is often necessary to get an associate’s degree to be truly prepared for this job, because legal secretaries have to be well-versed in legal terminology and able to combine their knowledge with office duties seamlessly.

Although the job duties vary among the different legal secretary careers, it is safe to say that anyone working in this type of position will be responsible for handling a diverse set of administrative responsibilities. They must be able to quickly type up various legal documents, memos and letters, for starters. They must also be able to efficiently and accurately maintain legal files, consult legal journals, assist with legal research, take notes, field phone calls, schedule appointments, participate in legal meetings and organize legal libraries. There are other duties that may come up in the course of the day as well, depending on the specific office or firm in question.

Not all legal secretaries have secretary degrees; some choose to complete short-term programs that lead to a career certificate. A degree program, however, will provide better preparation for careers in law firms, insurance companies, government organizations and/or legal departments within large companies. Classes in business math, business English, legal terminology, legal transcription, key boarding and office management are typically part of these two-year associate’s degree programs.